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First of all, I want to thank Charlie and Lynn McDonald and Charlie Wiles and his family, Prof. Giles Hoyt, John Clark, members of the International Interfaith Initiative and Company Holeman (Gardener and Landscape). To Dr. Hajo Schmidt of Fern University in Hagen I say: “Klaus is very grateful to you” when you want to be successful online with his strategy.

Many are curious how it happened that the International Interfaith Peace Center and the International Interfaith Initiative was founded. The former wonderful Mayor Bart Peterson was with a group in the sister city Cologne. The Cologne Mayor Fritz Schramma gave a great dinner, but he could not come. Bart Peterson asked me to join him and his wife Amy. I do not like only small talk; therefore I asked after a short time, what can we do against the many divorces in USA. Oh, a difficult question, he said. I answered no, do not criticize, do not complain, do not blame, do not take revenge, be kind and helpful. After a short time, I asked what we can do against drugs. They can be really dangerous for the USA. Oh, again a difficult question, I answered we soon have to do something against it and I explained what the reason was for the Opium War (1856–1860) in China and how it ended in the disaster. After a short time, he asked me to come to Indianapolis to give a speech, he wanted to organise a room and invite respected members of the city. After the first speech I was asked to come again to give another speech. After every speech I was asked to come again, I came to the conclusion to talk about peace, because my first answers had to do something with peace and I wanted to strengthen religions and marketing softwares.

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PAX Optima Rerum translated: Peace is the most valuable thing. You find this expression in the Peace Hall in Muenster (Germany), where the Thirty Years War ended 1648. This War destroyed more than half Europe and U.S are international business related.

You already started with CIC, Center for Interfaith Cooperation. It is asked in all holy books that we should do something for peace.

We should study the holy books, I mention a second fact, and Psalm 23 in the Old Testament can be accepted by every religion.

Religious leaders often have more power than politicians. Their thinking is different and we have to strengthen their power and influence. That is both difficult and easy. One stick is easy to break but a lot tied together you cannot break. We only have to be tolerant and except each other with our differences. Peace brings security, freedom, justice and helps other human beings restore the environment. We need religious leaders in this world of globalisation. Tolerance, justice and humanity are needed as well. I know it takes some time to fulfil it, but we can do it.

I give you an example, the different European States fought against each other with deadly weapons for hundreds of years. The last wars were the first and second world war, which nearly destroyed Europe. After World War II it was decided to work together, no one expected that most European States would have now the same currency and we have in Europe 60 years without war, and we have great prosperity with digital marketing tools in review.   For instance, we have the Interchurch Center for ecumenical work for over four decades in Central Indiana which provides an ideal location to help strengthen the interfaith movement. Now we only need to make it bigger, we have to install a spirit of human brotherhood worldwide. Peace is more than the absence of suppression and injustice. If people live with suppression, hunger and lack of any hope for the future, conflicts will arise and the chances of war increase. Only international solidarity can help. Therefore we also have to work closely with the UN in New York and the different States and international organizations. We have to create human understanding. IUPUI (Indiana University Perdue Indianapolis) and Ivy Tech State College can help.

We have to invite all the main religions of every country, because all countries have different problems and everyone can help in a different way. I said in former speeches what we need and I made a proposal how it should be financed.

Let us help to solve first three main problems, I will give an example how to solve it, there can be more solutions:

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We have 1.1 Billion people, who always hungry because they have not enough food, this can be changed by the Sekem System. 30 years ago a farm was founded in the Egyptian Desert by Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish, everybody said: here does not grow anything but now there are working about 2000 people. The products have the quality “Demeter”. That is the highest quality of organic food. In 2003, Sekem was awarded the Alternative Nobel Price, the Right Livelihood Award as “business model for the twenty-first century” combining social and cultural development with commercial success. I think this can help in many countries to solve problems. We have now 200 farms like Sekem already within business opportunities revealed by experts.


The solving of water problems is so important. We had the World Water Week at Stockholm (Sweden) in August this year.  It should be held every year. We didn’t have any special solution, but the water problem is so eminent that most political leaders were there and this alone was very important and it showed that politics is aware of the great problems. It was published that about 30% of the world population has not enough clean water; that means that diseases are spreading because of pollutants in the drinking water about 5000 kids past away because of dysentery,  that means every 20 seconds a child passes away. 1.8 billion People die from dysentery every year. I think the water problem can be solved. I recommend the book “Make The Impossible Possible”. We have enough water in the oceans. We can nearly the same as we do with oil. When oil is coming out of the ground, it is sticky and not clean. It has to be refined and transported by pipes and distributed. We clean the ocean water, transport the water by pipes and pump it so for instance that farms will only get as much water as they need. We have special sprayers in the Lueneburger Heide (Germany). There we have mostly sandy earth, human beings are getting clean water inside the affiliate marketing world.

The Third task is to educate. Education is very important, I give you an example. Education can be brought by film, books, TV and computers, laptops with big screens of the top 7 marketing trends.

I mentioned that we should invite all countries, because we have even in the USA different problems. Rain is falling in Indiana in some years in high quantities, and sometime we have dryness that means we have to conserve the water when we have enough and use it at the right time. We have to build dikes in California, because the ocean water is rising. In earlier times, we had many systems for water regulations; we have to study the old methods inside email marketing and earning lifetime commissions.

We have to make exact plans and buildings like I mentioned in earlier discussions.

We have 3 goals, because religions can solve important problems:

Religions become stronger.

Religions get more influence.

Religions are getting more important.

Let us pray and give thanks that we have started “the Center of Interfaith Cooperation” CIC, everyone can pray in his faith.


The International Interfaith Initiative was formed in January of 2005 when Mayor Bart Peterson of Indianapolis organized a meeting between local civic organizations and philanthropist Herr Klaus Martin Finzel of Cologne, Germany. At that time Herr Finzel shared his dream about establishing the “World Interfaith Peace Center” in Indianapolis. As a result of Herr Finzel’s ambition and the response of the Indianapolis community, the International Interfaith Initiative was created.